Adamo History

Adamo Staff

In 1962, James J. Adamo, Jr., a California licensed building and demolition contractor, founded Adamo Construction. In 1997 Michael J. Gaetke became President and CEO of Adamo Construction, this was also the same year that the company was incorporated. Mr. Gaetke brings over 30 years of experience in the construction industry; he has been a licensed general contractor for 20 years and worked as Project Manager and General Manager at Adamo Construction for 12 years prior to becoming the company’s President & CEO.

The company has evolved over the past 50 years from a small commercial and residential builder into a mid-sized commercial/industrial design and construction firm. As such, Adamo Construction has a specialized knowledge and expertise in serving today’s high tech, secure facilities, manufacturing, and commercial industries. This base of knowledge and experience allows us to serve as both a prime general building contractor as well as meeting the more specialized needs of our individual clients.

Adamo Construction is positioned as a single source of service; we provide an "integrated approach", combining consultation, design and construction products and services for our various clients. This "integrated approach" assists us in meeting both the current and future needs of our clients, from small business to large government entities.

Rapid changes in technology and the dynamic alteration of requirements present challenges to designers, contractors, and all trades within the construction industry to design and construct high quality, efficient facilities for both government and private industry. Adamo Construction has met this challenge by assembling a team of highly qualified professionals in the fields of project planning, design and construction.

Our objective is to ensure that our clients receive the best possible product, on schedule, at lower costs. The goal is simple, to be a valuable resource to our clients by providing responsive service, innovative execution of projects in an economical manner. Our "integrated approach" differentiates Adamo Construction from other firms featuring pricing or base line construction as their sole strategy.