ICD 705 (Intelligence Community Directive 705)

This is the directive from ODNI that recedes the DCID 6/9 and establishes that all Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities comply with uniform security requirements.

ICD 705

Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities V1.2

This document sets for the physical and technical specifications and best practices for meeting the required standards the ICS 705-1.

Technical Specifications

JAFAN 6/9 (Joint Air Force Army Navy 6/9)

This document contains the physical security standards for Special Access Program Facilities. It is the governing document for design and construction criteria for SAPFs currently.


NISPOM (National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual)

This document provides baseline standards for the protection of classified information released or disclosed to industry in connection with classified contracts.


UFC 4-010-01 (Unified Facilities Criteria – DOD minimum AntiTerrorism Standards for Buildings)

This document contains minimum construction standards to mitigate antiterrorism vulnerabilities and terrorist threats for all DOD Components.

UFC 4-010-01

UFC 4-010-05 (Unified Facilities Criteria – Sensitive Information Facilities Planning, Design and Construction)

This UFC provides unified criteria for the planning, design, and construction of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF).

UFC 4-010-05

TEMPEST Resources

The following are resources to aid the understanding of TEMPEST and the common practices and construction methods used to mitigate compromising TEMPEST emanations.

TEMPEST Design Standards
Report Compromising Emanations